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Thursday, 6 August 2015

The best screwdriver in the world...

1 part Chase English Potato Vodka
4 parts freshly squeezed and sieved orange juice
1 handful of frozen grapes

To make the worlds best vodka screwdriver you have to start with the worlds best vodka. Chase single estate English potato vodka is made from organic Lady Claire and Lady Rosetta potatoes, distilled five times, chill filtered and hand bottled. Its smooth, complex, creamy flavours are unlike any vodka you have ever tasted before, and it's gluten free. I get mine here

Buy fresh oranges, roll them on the counter to release the juice, squeeze them, then pass the fresh juice through a sieve to remove the pips, pods and pith.

Serve in a highball glass with frozen grapes instead of ice, they will chill your drink just as effectively but won't dilute it in the process, so the last sip will be just as perfect as the first.

If you were looking for the worlds best screwdrivers, try here:

Workshop Heaven Screwdrivers

Workshop Heaven Screwdrivers

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  1. I purchased a set of these shortly after I saw them on the site and I must say that I reach for these screwdrivers all the time. Any adjustment to the many set screws situated on my bench planes, small brass screws fitted neatly within door butts and so on. They fit perfectly in my small hands and feel great to work with. Similarly, the matching chisel set is superb. They certainly look showy but are by no means fragile and due to the shape of the handle and stem, you can gain solid control over every slicing cut to finish a joint squarely. Very pleased