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Saturday, 11 December 2010

New Quangsheng Adjustable Spokeshave

I managed to find a few moments today to try out the new Quangsheng adjustable spokeshave. As usual the quality of the casting and overall finish are very good. At 484grams (1lb) it's a touch heavier than I was expecting but has a reassuringly solid feel in the hand.

The cutting iron was sharp enough to work with straight out of the box and with the capscrew slackened off by half a turn the adjusters give a sufficiently fine degree of control over the blade projection. The only thing I did need to do was tighten up the adjuster screws into the body, a dab of threadlock may be useful here although so far just nipping them up finger tight seems to have done the trick.

The sole is flat and nicely finished. It did occur to me that there is plenty of meat there if you wanted to file it convex, if this proves a popular idea we may even get some made that way at a later date.

Friday, 3 December 2010

The 12% Days of Christmas

The 12% days of Christmas is a series of one day only offers on selected product ranges. The offer will change daily at midnight and are only available while stocks last.

Simply enter the appropriate code on the appropriate day at stage 1 of the checkout to claim your 12% discount. If the item is already on special offer you still get 12% off the offer price.

There's another load of fantastic offers in our Workshop Heaven Christmas Sale!

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December 6th

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December 7th

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December 8th

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December 17th

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