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Friday, 20 July 2012

Over 50 new tools this month

Workshop Heaven fine tools

OK I admit it, I love buying new tools - especially really good ones!

Recently I have been indulging this penchant in earnest, and as a result, in the past month we have added over 50 new products to the Workshop Heaven website.

Rather than just reeling off a list of them, I thought it would be much more fun to have a quiz.

Above are close-up pictures of twelve of the new products. All you have to do is correctly identify all of them on the Workshop Heaven website, then copy and paste the name of each product into an email with 'Shiny New Tools Quiz' in the subject line. Include your name and a contact number and send it in to to be entered into the free prize draw.

First name out of the hat wins a 5 kilo bag of prime Pyrenean boxwood!

This wonderfully smooth, fine textured timber is increasingly hard to get hold of in large pieces. Ours is carefully and selectively harvested by helicopter to preserve the surrounding environment. The logs are quartered to remove all traces of the pith, which would otherwise cause it to split, before being trimmed into the largest possible squares. The wood is then gently air dried for a minimum of three years making it relaxed, consistent and stable to work with.

Closing date for entries is the 23:59 BST on the 31st of July.

Please click the link to go to the Workshop Heaven website and begin your search.

Good luck!