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Thursday, 16 February 2012

New Workshop Build Part 2

Things are starting to feel a little more homely in the workshop now. The main bench has been installed along with the drill press and an adjacent eye level cupboard to keep all the associated drilling gubbins in.

On the opposite side I've installed a set of shelves to keep things that come in boxes accessible and organised - power tools, socket set, screws etc. Above the shelves is a sheet of steel pegboard for hammers and mallets.

Underneath the left side of the fixed bench is a mini bench for my 4 year old son. This started life as one of the flimsy entry level benches but with the back and sides boarded over to stiffen it and the lower legs cut off, it is now surprisingly sturdy.

Over on the tool wall, magnetic toolbars have been installed to store chisels, saws rasps and marking and measuring kit. We have another eye level cupboard for small items and to save making shelves for planes I have just screwed wooden boxes straight to the wall. All of the shop walls were lined with ply which is already paying huge dividends in terms of being able to attach anything anywhere.

There are still a few more additions and alterations to make, but for the time being it is a workable setup. After the last couple of months of relative chaos, I am thoroughly enjoying being able to find things instantly without having to rummage for them.