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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

New Product Range: Elmer's Glue

Elmer's have been making adhesives for over 60 years and have become an iconic American brand.

The products are very safe, Elmer's started out making kids glue and remain the market leaders, so much of the brand marketing is child friendly and fun. The original Elmer's Glue-All is still available and the formulation is continuously being improved to include the latest advances in adhesive technology.

In 1975 Elmer's entered the woodworking market by introducing the first sandable fast-grabbing wood glue (aliphatic resin) combining enhanced strength from long chain polymers, the user friendliness of PVA and the grab of traditional hide glues in one product. Elmer's Carpenter's Wood Glue and the stronger, waterproof, stainable Elmer's Carpenter's Wood Glue Max (pictured above) are the modern descendants.

The firm continues to deliver market leading innovation and has recently introduced Elmer's Glue-All Max, an impressive low-foaming polyeurethane glue that gives you the massive multi-material sticking power of polyeurethane, but with considerably less mess.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Systainer Explainer Part 2

Internal Storage Solutions for Systainers
Please click on any of the images for a better view.

The easiest way to understand the space inside T-Loc Systainers is to think of the internal depth as 65mm plus multiples of 50mm.

T-Loc Systainer 2 = 65mm + 50mm
T-Loc Systainer 3 = 65mm + (2 x 50mm)
T-Loc Systainer 4 = 65mm + (4 x 50mm)
T-Loc Systainer 5 = 65mm + (6 x 50mm)

Systainer Insert Trays

BTI Insert TraysConveniently, the vacuum moulded insert trays come in 65mm and 50mm depths. The 50mm stacking insert has a skirt on the underside that covers the compartments of the one below. So you can have any one of the ten 65mm inserts (B through K) on the bottom, and then the appropriate number of stacking inserts (A) to make up the depth of the systainer.

Systainer insert trays are ideal for storing small items like screws and nails. If you use these inserts as designed and in conjunction with one of the polystyrene covers that fits inside the lid you should be able to hold the closed systainer upside down and shake it without any of the contents getting mixed up.


BTI DividersThere are two types of systainer dividers, the first is a simple version which slots together using cellarette partition joints, these have the advantage that they can be disassembled and stored flat when not in use.

The second type are permanently assembled but have a skirt so that when they are stacked within the systainer they effectively seal the compartments beneath.

BTI Stacking DividersThe dividers for systainers 2, 3 and 4 are 7.5mm shy of full depth, so that they can be stacked in a bigger systainer. For example, you can fit systainer 2 and 3 dividers (or two systainer 2 dividers and a stacking insert tray) into a systainer 4 and still close the lid. Systainer 5 has a thicker X reinforcement moulded into the base, so you can have any one divider and then top up with stacking insert trays (e.g. Systainer 4 divider + 2 stacking insert trays).

Foam and Waffle pads

BTI Lid Insert and Waffle PadAnother versatile way to use the space inside systainers is to use foam pads and waffle pads. Each pad is 25mm thick, the foam pads are compressible, the waffle pads are not. Waffle pads (also known as ‘pick and pluck’ foam) are partially pre-cut into squares, so you can remove squares to form a void in the shape of an object you wish to store. If you want a more precise fit, the foam can also be cut using a hot wire or scalpel.

In this example I have used waffle pads to create a bespoke storage case for a jack plane, block plane, additional cutting irons and some marking and measuring tools. Waffle pads cushion the stored items from all sides, affording them maximum protection.

Systainer Toolbags

BTI ToolbagsSystainer toolbags are double sided rigid boards with ballistic nylon pockets on both sides. They slot into the systainer toolbag guide, a two piece frame that drops into the base and rear side of a systainer 4. You can have any combination of four toolbags from a range of six configurations. If you are using them in a systainer 4 (as shown) the tools need to be no longer than the top of the board, if using a systainer 5 you have another 100mm which can be handy for files, rasps, longer chisels etc. 

Systainer Filing Frame

BTI Office Filing FrameThe systainer filing frame drops into a systainer 4 and accepts standard A4 suspension files. Ideal for project management – I even use one of these in the office! The filing frame is compatible with both Classic Systainers and T-Loc Systainers, so it can also be used with the lockable Classic Systainer 4. N.B. Classic systainers can be combined with T-Loc’s in the same stack but the T-Loc’s have to go on top.


BTI Office BoxThe Systainer office lid insert converts your systainer into a briefcase with pockets for documents, diary, pens and business cards. I now use a couple of plain foam inserts in the bottom of the box to sandwich my laptop and prevent it from being scratched by the plug on it’s power cable (again - ouch!)

Cartridge and Aerosol Inserts

BTI Cartridge and Aerosol InsertsThese expanded polystyrene blocks drop into the bottom of a systainer 4 or 5 to hold standard 70mm aerosols and 52mm cartridges (sealants, adhesives, etc.) with spaces for nozzles.

Maxi and Mini Systainer inserts

BTI Maxi and Mini Systainer InsertsThere is an excellent multi-configuration divider available for the maxi systainer, this can be used to partition the space into equal or un-equally sized compartments. The maxi systainer dividers store flat when not in use and because the leaves connect to the interior of the box as well as each other, you can fit them individually if necessary. Three formats of insert tray are available for mini systainers, perfect for storing drawing equipment, small screws, sausage rolls, etc.


BTI SortainersNo analysis of the interior of Systainers would be complete without mention of the tardis-like 4-drawer or 12-drawer Classic Sortainers. These come complete with subdividers that slot into the drawers so you can organise the space within to suit your specific needs, and labels to identify the contents.

The large drawer of a 4 drawer sortainer is big enough to take a waffle pad with the sides trimmed to the length of the longer lines of squares, giving another option for customising the space inside. Without subdividers the large drawer is big enough to take a No.5 jack plane and a set of 12 bench chisels in a tool roll.

All of the systems shown here are available from the Systainer Inserts section of

If you'd like to give systainers a go, or would like to expand your current setup, here is a handy  8% discount code valid on all BTI Systainer products at until 23:59hrs, 8th October 2012.

BTI discount code

Friday, 3 August 2012

And the winner is......!

Many thanks to all who took part in the quiz. The response was fantastic with entries from all over the UK, Europe and as far afield as Australia and Canada.

Congratulations to John Blackie of Oxfordshire who was the first name drawn out of the hat and received his Boxwood prize today.

The correct answers were as follows:

1) Ledin No 18 Bowspring Precision Dividers 125mm
2) Jaw Assembly for Hand Brace (3 Jaw)
3) Tapered Spindle Adapter (false nose) - either helix accepted
4) Quangsheng Brass Chisel Hammer Short 18oz (500g)
5) Quangsheng Stainless Steel Convex Sole Spokeshave
6) Pyranean Boxwood 5kg Bag
7) Kreg K4MS Master System Pocket Hole Jig
8) Handmade French Finishing Brush Water / Acrylic 80mm
9) Ledin No 6B Forged Pencil Compasses 190mm
10) Narex Mortice Chisel 8882 - 3/8 inch
11) Narex 8751-03 Antireflex Mallet 22oz (630g)
12) Quangheng T10 Marking Knife