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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

New Product Range: Elmer's Glue

Elmer's have been making adhesives for over 60 years and have become an iconic American brand.

The products are very safe, Elmer's started out making kids glue and remain the market leaders, so much of the brand marketing is child friendly and fun. The original Elmer's Glue-All is still available and the formulation is continuously being improved to include the latest advances in adhesive technology.

In 1975 Elmer's entered the woodworking market by introducing the first sandable fast-grabbing wood glue (aliphatic resin) combining enhanced strength from long chain polymers, the user friendliness of PVA and the grab of traditional hide glues in one product. Elmer's Carpenter's Wood Glue and the stronger, waterproof, stainable Elmer's Carpenter's Wood Glue Max (pictured above) are the modern descendants.

The firm continues to deliver market leading innovation and has recently introduced Elmer's Glue-All Max, an impressive low-foaming polyeurethane glue that gives you the massive multi-material sticking power of polyeurethane, but with considerably less mess.

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