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Thursday, 30 July 2015

Workshop Heaven Blue Moon Sale

Once in a Blue Moon Sale
Starts 31st July 2015

There hasn't been a blue moon (a second full moon in a month) since August 2012, but if you miss this one don't worry, there's another one coming up in two and a half years time. 

It's nice to have a little fun every once in a blue moon, so we are sharing a blindfold discount code with everyone who reads our newsletters and blog posts, or keeps in touch via facebook, twitter or instagram.

There are discounts applied to almost every single item on, but you'll only find out how much your total saving is when you enter the discount code at the checkout.

Please note:

The code will only work during the full moon, from Friday 31st July at 5pm until Sunday 2nd August at 8pm.

Discount code: BLUEMOON

Fill your boots,

P.S. Full credit to Ioana Davies for the stunning photograph.

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