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Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Saw Handle Instructions

Thanks to some very generous assistance from Aiden (The Tiddles) of UKWorkshop, we finally have handle plans available for the Atkinson Walker saw kits. My apologies to those who have been waiting for them.

The handle templates can be downloaded here.

A step by step guide to the process can be found here.

And the guide to sharpening and using your new saw is here.

For an intermediate woodworker, these kits are great fun to make and you end up with a fantastic set of saws that you will enjoy using for many years. They also give you an appreciation of how much work goes into producing top-end handmade saws and perhaps even a few new skills that you can transfer to other projects.


  1. This is brilliant, Matthew!

    A huge thanks to Aidan and to yourself! :-)


  2. Hi Mathew,
    Really good site, and in Workshop heaven' an even better tool outlet, only wish I could afford to buy more of the fabulous tools on sale. I have been extremly pleased with the help and advise you've given me, even if it has not meant a sale for your company.The video's are equally good, but having just watched the saw sharpenning video I don't understand your waxing of the file during the work. I was told that when filing the 'correct' prcedure was to rub a chalk stick on the face of the file which made subsequent cleaning of the file easier, hence increasing its life. Would'nt wax have the opposite effect and ''bind the filings into the file and dimminishing its performance. Have I misunderstood what you are saying or has what I learnt as an apprentice 40 years ago been shown to be wrong.
    Keep up the good work,
    Steve Lewis

  3. Thanks Steve, Yes I've tried using chalk and I guess graphite would work well too. As I understand it they are there to provide a little lubrication and stop the file from galling so you get a smoother and more repeatable stroke. In this regard I found wax to be more effective than chalk but I'll try an empirical test doing one file with each and see how many saws they can do.

  4. I like the way in the instructions there is no need to have a another saw to cut slot in the handle where the blade fits. I thought it was quite ingenious