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Monday, 10 August 2009

Shiny Treats!

There is something deeply attractive about using tools that have been made with care and passion by highly skilled craftsmen in small workshops.

Richard Kell Adjustable Bevel

Each time you use them there is a subtle appreciation of the fact that this object was created with skill and judgement by a human being. They make you quietly receptive to the mindblowing concept of human skill and craftsmanship, which is precisely the right emotional plane to be on when you are working.

Richard Kell Centre Finder

Given the ongoing (and rapidly growing) popularity of Richard Kell's outstanding honing guides, I thought it was high time we started stocking some of his other products.

Richard Kell Deluxe Dovetail Marker

Richard's adjustable bevels, plate squares, centre finders and dovetail markers are all are carefully made in solid brass to a standard working tolerance of one thousandth of an inch.

Richard Kell Plate Square

The elegance and simplicity of Richard Kell's designs, combined with their functional accuracy make them a true pleasure to work with.


  1. Hi Matthew - good start to the Blog. I'm finding though that white text on a black screen is hard going on the eyeballs...I'm finding that I need to squint at the screen (probably should have gone to Specsavers!)

  2. I agree, it's a bit hard on the eyes. Good blog though.

    Cheers ;-)

    Paul Chapman

  3. Hi Guys,

    Thanks for your comments. I had originally intended to go with a black background and white writing to give a feel of this blog being a peek 'behind the scenes' of Workshop Heaven, but you are quite right it was uncomfortable to read.

    I've tweeked the background to dark grey, made the writing bigger and fixed the dodgy logo at the top. I hope this fixes it, if not just let me know.