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Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Bessey Clamps Range Extended

Just finished adding another 9 lines to our range of Bessey clamps including:

Pipe ClampsPipe Clamp

Compatible with standard 3/4" steel gas pipe so you can make a heavy duty clamp as long or as short as you need. Although I am far from being a fan of the bearded one, there was a New Yankee Workshop show a few years back where he made a tablesaw fence using this type of clamp.

Vice ClampsVice Clamp

Portable Vices that can be attached to any surface up to 50mm thick. The jaws can be used with guide bars to keep the jaws square, or without for clamping oddly shaped objects. Ideal for site work.

Table ClampsTable Clamp

Designed for fixing KR body clamps to the worksurface, these dinky little clamps can also be used anywhere where an 8mm hole can be drilled. The obvious job that springs to mind is making forms and jigs for gluing up laminates or steam bent components, where you need a large number of inexpensive clamps that can be pre-arranged or slid into place after the workpiece has been initially secured to the form.

Wooden Klemmy ClampsWooden Clamp

Inexpensive wooden clamps, designed for protecting delicate, easily damaged workpieces. Ideal for restoration work, they are available in decent bar lengths of 40cm, 80cm and 100cm.

and the new longer Kliklamps

KliKlampThese tick all the right boxes, featherlight, powerful, controllable and now available in much more useful 30cm and 40cm bar lengths.

Having a brief surf around, all of these products are either not currently available in the UK yet or we are better on price than anyone currently offering them, so they should be quite polular!

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