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Saturday, 17 January 2015

Pegas Saw Blades: Chris Schwarz was right!

Back at the beginning of December Christopher Schwarz posted this recommendation to hoard Pegas saw blades in his gift guide series.

"Buy P├ęgas coping saw blades. Hoard them. I do – and I’m not generally a hoarder. I have about 150 stashed away in case Pegas doubles the price or stops making them this well."

Now I'm pretty sure Chris didn't have an inside line on this particular turn of events, but his advice has once again been proven very wise indeed.

Last Thursday the Swiss central bank decided to break the peg between the Swiss Franc and the Euro, causing the Swiss currency to rocket in value by 30% in a single day.

Normally we get some notice of price alterations and can do a little hoarding of our own, but when currencies change the effect is instantaneous, anything that hasn't already been paid - just went up.

With a change this big, the effect will filter through to prices quickly; so if you do want to heed his advice and snaffle up a few packs of Chris Schwarz's favourite 90.550 skip tooth coping saw blades , our specially made No.5 DPR dovetailing blades for Jewellers saws, or any of the other 83 flavours of wonderful Pegas saw blades at the old prices... grab 'em now!

Knew Concepts titanium saw with Pegas No5 DPR dovetailing blade

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