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Saturday, 13 December 2014

Workshop Heaven one in a million sale!

On the first of December, broke into the top one million websites on the internet globally and at the time of writing is now ranked 925,780th. To put that into perspective, if the entire internet were a metre rule, it would be less than a mm from the top.

For our small team of dedicated people this is quite a milestone, and I am immensely proud of Adrienne, Susannah, Herby, Tilly, Graham, Kate and Ginny.

In celebration and as a special thank you to all those that continue to support us and help us to grow, we have temporarily increased the number of items on special offer from the usual 15 to over 150.

There wasn't enough room on the normal specials page to fit them all on, so we have created a new one here:

 Open Me
Open Me!

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