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Monday, 18 November 2013

Saw Handle Competition Winner

It was a very close run thing, but after much deliberation, Marc has decided to award the prize to Richard from Hampshire for his elegantly proportioned and carefully executed dovetail saw handle in cherry.

Although the judging was strictly about the designing and making of the handle, there is also a nice back story to this particular tool. 

The saw belonged to Richard's father and his father before that. It had lost its back and was, in all honesty, pretty well done for. As well as the handle Richard made a new brass back from scratch using an old door push plate. The saw blade has been inverted so that the old teeth are now hidden inside the spine and fresh teeth can be filed into what was the top. Hopefully it will now go on to serve another couple of generations. 

My thanks to all who took part in the competition, and to Marc for providing such a wonderful prize.

Congratulations Richard, we look forward to hearing how you get on at Robinson House Studio.

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