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Tuesday, 17 May 2011


I have just received these wonderful holdfasts, tenderly hand crafted by Richard T of UKWorkshop fame (who says they don't make anything in the Midlands any more eh!)

So the next thing I needed was a 3/4" Forstner bit to make the holes for them, but believe it or not, between my collection, the collection I inherited from my Dad, the odds and ends box and the stock in the shop there was not one 3/4 inch bit to be found!

Not to worry, a quick purchase order to the nice people at FAMAG and a big box of goodies arrives. I plumped for 19mm (3/4 inch = 19.049mm) so they are only half a gnats undersize and will slot neatly into our existing product range. If anyone ever needs imperial bits we can get them in in about a week - just drop me an email.

I suspect there may be others in a similar predicament so I have taken the libery of ordering a few more, listing them on the site and putting them on special offer.

Now comes the next question. My benchtop is about 50mm thick, and I've got a sheet of 12mm MDF and a sheet of 9mm ply winking at me and suggesting that they would love to be glued and screwed to the underside in a double sandwich taking it up to 82mm - nearly the full depth of the apron. The forstner will happily do 60mm on its own or up to 410mm with an extension, so either way putting the holes in is no problem.

Will the extra mass be worth it?

Will the holdfast holes wear better if they are in thicker material?

Have I got the time to do it, or will it become just another job on the list?

Whatever happens, I'll keep you posted.


  1. Will you be selling the holdfasts? I have been looking for a supplier of the traditional type holdfasts for ages.

  2. I hope we can work something out. Up to now Richard has been making them at cost for mates so it's not really viable from a business perspective at present, but we are looking at it.

  3. I can't se the 19mm bit on your web site only the boxed set, 15,16,18 &20 mm. Have you sold out of the 19mm?

  4. Hi Andy, I think you may be looking at our ebay shop, if you go to and click on Tooling from the main menu it will take you to the Famag section. Cheers, Matthew