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Monday, 15 February 2010

Micron Grit Conversion

We have had a couple of questions recently regarding how the micron sizes used in our 3M lapping film equate to waterstone grits. Adrienne has done a little research and plotted the line of best fit between several sources (which were very close anyhow) and established the equation of the resulting line as 11139 times the micron size to the power of -0.9393!

I'm not sure if direct 'this = that' parallels are entirely appropriate in this case, my experience has been that lapping film produces a noticably finer surface finish than the equivalent waterstones. This may be a result of the particles all being extremely uniform in size, or the resin on the sheets being more durable than the clay of a waterstone.

Either way, here's the graph and conversion table:

For abrasive film, an approximate comparison to European grits:

  • 5 micron is around P1200
  • 30 micron is between P400 and P500
  • 60 micron is around P240

If you are using the American grit system:

  • 5 micron is 1500
  • 30 micron is 360
  • 60 micron is between 220 and 240

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